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  • Do you provide details of insurance companies?
    We can recommend a company who can support you with insurance they are Self Build Zone you can call them on: 0845 230 98740845 230 9874 or browse their website.
  • Will a log cabin or a log house require Building Regulations approval?
    Providing your cabin is less than 30m2, Building Regulations would not normally apply.We can offer advice before you proceed. Most of our cabins are in fact less than 30m2, however as we offer a bespoke service it is always best to ask, so feel free to give us a call.
  • What is included in the price?
    The prices for the houses on the website are for timber kit only and include all the timber structure, doors, windows, flooring and roof boarding, the prices do not include the base, kitchen, bathrooms, wiring, plumbing, insulation, roof tiling or erecting the cabin.Brackets and fixings are not included as standard unless otherwise stated.
  • How much do you charge for fitting the cabin?
    For garden houses we have set rates depending on the size of the cabin from £499- £1299. Fitting cost for houses can vary depending on the complexity of the design.
    Estimated cost for erecting the timber kit should be approximately 35-45% of the cost of the house plus the food and accommodation for the team for the period of the works.
    It can be a hired caravan or any other unit placed on site.
  • How long does it take to erect the cabin?
    Installation of a garden cabin takes usually a day. for bigger garden cabins allow 2 days.
    A log house construction will take approximately 3-4 weeks per one storey (weather permitting).
  • Do you have any cabins in stock?
    We do not keep any of our products in stock as most of the log cabins and log homes are made to order and then transported to the site from our factory.
  • Can you provide a full build service for my cabin and if so how much will it cost?
    We offer turn key projects where all the jobs are done by us, we are able to handle everything from supplying your cabin through to a full design and build service. Our specially selected contractors will provide the build expertise and our staff will be on call to help you through any issues. The timber kit is erected by our manufacturer’s crew or by our own trained crew supervised by one of our manufacturer’s engineers. (This service is currently available for Southern England only for homes only not garden cabins).
    Prices depend on the specification of the house and the complexity of the works.
    Estimating the whole project is time consuming and complex work so we do not offer quotations unless you have a planning permission and you are ready to order the kit from us.
  • Will I get discount on multiple orders?
    Yes Finestam Log Cabins has discounted rates available for developers and park owners or farmers and other customers who would like to buy more than one log cabin or a mobile home.
  • Where about are you based?
    We are based in Christchurch, Dorset.
  • Do you have show cabins?
    We have show homes all over the UK. Please contact us to locate a show house closest to you and to confirm availability.
  • Do you deliver to Scotland and Ireland?
    Yes we can deliver anywhere in UK and Ireland.
  • Do you deliver to Spain or France?
    Yes we can deliver anywhere in Europe, we are only able to deliver large cabins, log mobile homes or log homes to Europe.
  • What are your payment terms?
    On the garden cabins we require full payment on all orders up to £5,000. Any cabins over £5,000 can be paid
    in two installments: 50% on order and 50% 10 working days before the dispatch from the factory.
    If we supply and fit your cabin a deposit of 50% is required on order, further 40% to be paid 10 days before dispatch from the factory, 5% to be paid upon delivery and the balance to be paid upon completion of the works.
  • Do you provide any information regarding finding suitable plots of land?
    We do not provide services where we will source you a plot of land, however below are a couple of links that can help you start to search for land on the internet.
  • How long is the delivery time and what is the cost?
    Garden cabins should normally arrive to you in 2-4 weeks, some products 4-6 weeks. Log homes, mobile homes, summerhouses and custom cabins can take 6-12 weeks to arrive depending on the season. In the summer time it is a high season and the delivery times can be slightly longer on houses.
    Delivery cost depends on area & post code, please call for a quotation.
  • Is the timber you use taken from sustainable sources?
    All the wood used in Finestam cabins is sourced from carefully managed forests. We work alongside manufacturers committed to sustainability and who are aware of their environmental responsibilities.
  • What base will I need to support my cabin?
    For garden cabins and summerhouses the best option is a level concrete base, however you can put it on decking or patio
    slabs or use concrete blocks (especially when the ground is sloping).
    For log houses any traditional type of foundations can be
    used as would be used for any other type house i.e. strip foundations, pile foundations or slab foundations.
    If the ground is sloping, the best type is a pile foundation where concrete blocks are laid into pillars in right places to take the cabin base frame. Pile foundations are most commonly used for lighter cabins such as mobile homes.
  • Will I be able to use the cabin all year round?
    Our bigger cabins and log houses are designed for use throughout the year, after all log cabins have been in use in Scandinavia for as long as people have been living there! We are also able to insulate your cabin which means warmth in the winter
    and that your cabin will stay cool in the summer.
  • Will I be able to use the cabin all year round?
    Our bigger cabins and log houses are designed for use throughout the year, after all log cabins have been in use in Scandinavia for as long as people have been living there! We are also able to insulate your cabin which means warmth in the winter
    and that your cabin will stay cool in the summer.
  • Can I design my own cabin or modify an existing design?
    We are able to provide a fully customizable range of cabins. Any cabin any size can be manufactured in 70mm log
    minimum up to 380mm log. We also offer service of providing architects drawings, structural calculations, U-value calculations and
    full 3Dimages for your future project or a home for planning purposes.
  • Will your log houses comply with current Building Regulations?
    Yes, all the log homes with the dwelling house spec are fully compliant with current Building Regulations.
  • Will I need to obtain planning permission?
    We always suggest consulting your local planners before going ahead with any project.
    For garden cabins in most cases, you will not need to obtain planning permission providing the following criteria are met:

    If you’re building a log cabin as a separate dwelling you will need planning consent.
    If it is for your own use the following should help:
    Planning permissions depends on the type of use the land is for.
    If you do not have a house on the land then you might want to check with your local council.

    If there is a house on the land then following applies:
    For garden buildings planning permission is not required provided:

    It is not closer to the road than your house
    It does not cover more than half the area of the garden
    It is not for use in connection with running a business
    It is not more than 4m high
    It is for the sole use of the house occupants
    Your house is not a listed building.

    Section B – Buildings and other structures on the land around your house

  • Do you offer any guarantee?
    We are confident that any log cabin we build will, if properly maintained, last a lifetime. For your peace of mind we offer our manufacturers guarantee for structures built by us from 2-10 years, doors & windows 2-5 years and guarantee the quality of both the product and the workmanship.
  • What is the life expectancy of my log cabin home?

    The life expectancy of your log home is many generations, with the proper design, sufficient roof overhang, proper foundations and right maintenance.
  • Do you provide finance?

    Arranging flexible and affordable finance for your new log chalet couldn’t be easier! …..
    Financing your log chalet enables you to spread the cost by making an agreed monthly repayment over a period of time that suits you. We put you in touch with a specialist adviser who will discuss your requirements and provide you with a recommendation as to the most appropriate and suitable method of raising the amount you need.
    The overall cost of financing depends on a number of factors
    The amount you borrow and over how many months or years.
    Whether the loan is on a ‘secured’ or ‘unsecured’ basis.
    The type of loan option recommended would depend on whether you are to erect a cabin within the grounds of your own home
    such as a pool house or office, or whether you are building a new home on a new piece of land. Mortgages and loans for larger amounts are provided by specialist lenders and would need to be quoted for individually.
    Advice and guidance on all of the above aspects is at no cost to you and would include an illustration along with personal recommendations and monthly costs.
    further information on financing your log chalet please call one of our finance advisors on: 01425 62835001425 628350 or email

For any other questions you may have please fill out our Contact form

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