Carbon Footprint

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint reduction is high on the agenda across many walks of life, not least the homebuilding & construction industry. The UK Government’s commitment to zero-carbon build by 2016 and sustainable construction, combined with the public’s desire to make change happen, means that the construction industry is considering the environment in much more depth than ever before.

Using logs from sustainable forests as a primary build material is one way of doing this; but there are many more environmental benefits too…

Dorset-based FinEstAm who is one of the UK’s major suppliers of log homes and mobile log cabins believe they are ahead of the game with their carbon friendly log homes. Tom Malla, Managing Director, says “Log living means you can lower your carbon footprint and impact on the environment the natural way… It’s not just the fact that our log materials come from sustainable sources that makes FinEstAm log homes ECO-Friendly.

It’s also that logs give a proven natural insulation; which maintains warm temperatures in cold conditions and temperate levels in the heat of a summer’s day; meaning lower heating bills, much less energy usage and much greater energy efficiency.

As a building material, logs offer amazing natural properties, such as thermal resistance which can help to save energy. Logs are 8 times better than concrete in this regard, 400 times better than steel and over 2000 times more thermally resistant than aluminum!”

The Carbon Footprint Construction Summit is to be held in London in September and is the third conference in an international series of events designed specifically to tackle the unique challenges that the industry faces in effectively managing carbon emissions.

Once clarity has been brought to the reasons behind the carbon management requirements and KPI’s (key performance indicators) of clients in both the public and private sector, the Summit is set to take delegates through the practical guidance on which actions will have the most impact on their carbon footprint.

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