A healthier lifestyle

Log living and lifestyle offers you a healthier way of life. Not only will be closer to nature and the fresh-air of the countryside or the seashore, the actual log timbers in your home naturally reproduce oxygen molecules, allowing you and the environment to breathe a little more naturally.

FinEstAm’s log homes are especially suitable for people with any respiratory diseases and allergic symptoms.

In a brick built or concrete house there is far greater risk for condensation, damp and mould. The air in a log house never gets is not too dry or too damp as wood naturally maintains optimum humidity of the air. Therefore log homes are ideal for anyone who wants to live in a natural and healthy living environment.

Many people especially have commented on the quality of air in the log houses. Even if they are there only for a short time. For example when its has been raining hard and it feels damp and cold in a traditional brick built house. But in a log house it feels dryer and warmer – again the wood does its part and lets you feel healthier.

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