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Heating in Log Homes

Log homes in Scandinavia and Northern Europe are usually fitted with Wood Burner ovens using firewood or pellets. This is the most cost effective and the most eco friendly way of heating your log house or any house.

There are heaters that can run both your central heating and hot water or you can choose just a log burner oven that heats your rooms.

If you have a two story log home then you might want to use a log burner and a hot air heating kit that is fitted to it distributing the hot air into different rooms upstairs via a flexible pipe and convector system. This is an extremely effective heating method with very low running costs.

Alternatively you can use a traditional gas central heating or a combi boiler system.

Also there is an option of using both systems combined or use any of the above systems combined with the alternative heating options like oil heating or space heaters.

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