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We at FinEstAm design and build custom log cabins and log homes whatever the size, shape or use. We can customise any of our design layouts, floor plans or specifications for different requirements.

. Building Regulations – log houses and log cabin homes and residential cabins

. Caravan Acts – mobile homes, park homes, timber caravans and transportable cabins

. British Standards – manufacturing and construction of wooden structures

. Disabled Access – commercial buildings

. Ofsted standards for school classrooms and educational buildings

. any other special requirement that may be relevant to your log cabin or mobile home project

FinEstAm offers you the most comprehensive technical advice and provides the best quality service during the design and build of your log cabin, log home or mobile home.

Our service to you is backed by:

. a tradition and heritage in building techniques for log cabins

. knowledge, passion and ultimate craftsmanship

. 20 years of first-hand experience in building high quality handmade solid log homes

We not only bring proven building experience and expertise to our clients, we also pass on our knowledge, obtained by living in log houses. From understanding how log homes behave to giving tips on looking after and maintaining them over the years, we have years of expertise in the world of log cabins.

Buy a log cabin home from FinEstAm and you will benefit from our years of experience, skills and knowledge. We are a leading log cabin designer and builder in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland and have recently established agents in Spain and France.

Both trade and private customers have signed up as our agents after purchasing their homes from us. All of our clients receive the highest quality product backed-up by our friendly and very professional service and aftercare.

We deliver and fit our log cabins and houses anywhere in Europe. Our log houses are fitted usually by our own expert teams or alternatively can be fitted by your own crew supported online or on the phone by our expert technical team.

Call us on 01425 462 502 to discuss how we can help you expand your living space into your garden, supply you with your dream home or partner with you on your new leisure development or existing holiday park.

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