Log Cabin Insulation

Insulation has become one of the most important part of today’s house building as it helps us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower heating costs and therefore helps us to conserve energy.

Properly insulated log homes minimize the loss of heat, prevent condensation and therefore also help the structure to last indefinitely.

All our homes are insulated to a high level using a variety of insulation materials. As a standard option we use mineral wool insulation in a roll and batt form. The insulation type is usually a choice for the customer and often depends on price. You can also use insulation made of hemp wool which is made from fully natural sources but is a relatively expensive option. Another very effective eco-friendly insulation solution that is more affordable than hemp is cellulose wool insulation made of recycled newspapers.

We do not use rigid, foam based insulation materials with our homes as they would not have the necessary flexibility log buildings need due to the settlement.

Some of our customers have lately also opted for a foil and quilt multi layer insulation which is yet to be proven on log homes in a long perspective but is definitely an interesting and very innovative option.

Any type of insulation used needs to be backed up by calculations for U-value in order to achieve the current Building Regulations Part L1 (for dwellings) requirements and approved by your local Building Control.

Also you need to make sure the correct installation methods are used to ensure the air tightness of the building, ventilation of the parts of the building where necessary/applicable to prevent condensation.

The optimum solution for you can be achieved with the right combination of approved insulation materials, the right choice of breather membranes and vapour barriers to accompany your insulation and the correct fitting methods.

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