Kitchens And Baths

Kitchens and Bathrooms in Log Homes

Great care needs to be taken when fitting a kitchen or installing a bathroom into a log cabin or a log home. Due to the fact that log cabins are living products there are certain methods for attaching different fixtures and fittings to the walls.

Kitchen units must not be fixed rigidly between different rows of log but with sliding brackets allowing the log wall do have free movement if necessary.

The same applies to any bathroom cabinets, shower enclosures, baths and toilets.

Also wall tiles cannot be fitted directly to the log surface. If you want to tile your kitchen or a bathroom then the easiest way is to order a wall boarding pack that consists of specially designed plasterboard for wet areas or cement based fibre board, battens, special sliding brackets and all the necessary trims.

Once this wall pack is up you can fit anything to that wall as usual and you can use wall tiles and splash backs as normal or paint the walls. This wall pack also offers a great way of hiding any additional wiring for lighting or additional sockets and/or switches.

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