Planning Permission

Planning permissions for houses and bigger cabins

For most of our houses, chalets, lodges or mobile homes you will need a Planning Permission or a Building Warrant (Scotland).

Before starting any project we suggest you pay a visit to your local Councils Planning Department and ask for consultation. They will provide you with the info about the different options you might have and assess the proposed idea.

Once they have indicated that they would favor your idea you need to submit paperwork, drawings and forms. They will advise you about all the info you need and provide you with a Starter Pack.
Alternatively you could hire a Planning Consultant to do all that for you. Their services are not free so make sure you agree a price before instructing them to act on your behalf

Otherwise there is a new option now to apply for planning permission online. The Planning Portal offers Planning Application Service. You can:

. Start a new planning application

. Work with an existing application

If you already have an Outline Planning Consent or you are applying for a new Planning Permission then we can produce drawings for you to submit with your Planning Application. We usually charge £8 per/m2 for the architects working drawings. We will produce floor plans, elevation drawings and a section drawing. We do not draw site plan and any foundation drawings. You need to hire a local engineer or an architect for that.

Planning permissions for garden cabins

For garden cabins in most cases, you will not need to obtain planning permission providing the following criteria are met:

If it is for your own use the following should help:

Planning permissions depends on the type of use the land is for. If you do not have a house on the land then you might want to check with your local council. If there is a house on the land then following applies:

For garden buildings planning permission is not required provided:

. It is not closer to the road than your house

. It does not cover more than half the area of the garden

. It is not for use in connection with running a business

. It is not more than 4m high

. It is for the sole use of the house occupants

. Your house is not a listed building

Section B – Buildings and other structures on the land around your house

Planning permissions for Mobile Homes

The storage of a touring caravan within a residential curtilage (the enclosed area immediately surrounding a house or dwelling) does not need planning permission, though it may be prohibited in a covenant on the deeds of the dwelling.

Holiday caravan sites do not need planning permission if they are sites occupied and supervised by exempted organisations.

The storage of a static caravan within a residential curtilage may need planning permission. The ultimate decision will depend on where it is located in relation to the house and the use to which it is put.

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