Roof Covering

Log Cabin Roof Covering

There are different types of roof covering materials available for log cabins.

For smaller cabins such as mobile homes and offices or chalets usually bitumen shingles would be sufficient providing the cabins are not in areas exposed to an extreme weather. They come with 15 years of guarantee and offer a nice looking finish in many different colours and patterns.

Steel tiles are a choice of many holiday or caravan parks due to a long life span and durability for seaside conditions. Many schools also use this material for its vandal proof design. As such steel tiles are recommended by the Police. But the cost of these tiles usually exceeds the cost of bitumen shingles two times. However the guaranteed life span is also twice as long (30 years).

For log homes that are built as dwelling houses we recommend using traditional slates, clay or concrete tiles. The heavier the roof the better for the log house as the weight of the roof helps the structure settle faster.

We offer either bitumen shingles or Steel tiles with our cabins. For the traditional roof covering materials you need to contact your local contractors and suppliers.

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