Timber Treatment

Timber Treatment

Log Cabins and homes come untreated and need to be treated with a high quality wood preserver or wood stain within couple weeks after installation.

Log homes used to be treated with all natural materials – externally tar oil and pine oil and internally with different mixtures of beeswax, linseed oils and pine oils.

All these materials are also favourable today because they come from natural sources. However today’s timber treatments and different wood stains are made with all the necessary formulas to ensure the long life of the timber and have a long, low cost maintenance cycle.

The best timber treatments and wood stains are made especially for timber houses and some even for log houses to ensure the flexibility and viscosity of the layers yet letting the timber breathe. Also they consist of formulas that prevent the timber being exposed to fungi, mould, UV rays, rot, vermin and woodworm.

Log homes need to be treated or painted every few years, now, with all these new materials the re-staining or re-painting cycle can be up to 8 years. This is obviously subject to a location, weather conditions, climate and type of treatment or paint used.

Where the house is more exposed to weather you need to use more layers of protection and sometimes an alternative layer of special undercoat or special treatment resistant to extreme heat or salt water for example.

We have supplied our houses to Scandinavia, Spain, France, Denmark, Holland, Germany, UK and Ireland all having slightly different climate, weather conditions and therefore need for different type of timber treatments suitable for application and/or local requirements.

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