Top 5 Tips

Top 5 Tips for Successful Project

Tip no 1

Always make sure you buy your kit with all the materials needed including any trims, brackets and any special materials needed to ensure the cabin kit will be allowed to settle and have its movement. Make sure you have seen and signed off a complete list of the timber kit.

Tip no 2

Make sure you are aware of the certain steps and methods to follow during the build. Ask for a check list from your supplier. It is important to know that your house kit is erected correctly whether it’s your own fitters or the supplier’s crew.

Tip no 3

Always treat your cabin when the weather is right as soon as possible after erection. Ask for a white paper from your supplier for different treatments needed for different areas internally and externally.

Tip no 4

Before fitting your internal boarding let it dry inside the house for few days to ensure the optimum moisture level and prevent the gaps appearing or floor to rise after being fitted. Ask for more info from your supplier – there are different methods used depending on the time of the year of the build.

Tip no 5

Make sure you are aware of the behaviour of your house after its being built and you are advised of how to carry out regular yearly health checks on your house and what needs to be monitored. Very important when your house has more than one storey!

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