What Is In It For Me

Whether you are a builder, carpenter, decking fitter, or landscaper you could be making profit reselling our log homes and log cabins to your customers.

If you are a property developer or a land agent. You can build our log homes, log chalets or static caravans on your land and make more profit by selling them on to your customers.

If you are a private land owner or farmer you can build our cabins on your land. Then either sell them for huge profit or rent the cabins out to holidaymakers and have a solid income from your investment.

If you own a holiday park, caravan park, leisure park or fishing lakes, you can add our log mobile homes or lodges to your existing range of caravans or chalets. Or you can use our log homes, mobile homes or park homes to replace the old static units w. Or simply sell them off the plan to your customers. You can make huge profit or have an increased or extra income.

If you are an architect, specifier, quantity surveyor planning consultant or a project manager, you can recommend our products to your customers and make profit by receiving commission on a successful sale put towards us.

If you are running a timber yard, garden centre, nursery or a builders suppliers you can sell our log cabins, lodges or summerhouses to your customers and make profit.

If you are a private customer and own a mobile home or a static caravan, you can replace that with one of our Solid Log Mobile Homes either single or twin units, sell your main residence and enjoy mortgage free life in a very healthy living environment the log cabins offer.

If you are an executive commuting to work 1-2 hours every day, you can purchase one of our log cabins to use as a garden office and work from home. You would save money almost instantly as you would spend less on a home office than you spend in one year on transport. You would also free up 1-2 hours a day making total freed up time in a first year 60 working days worth. You would also help to contribute to the environment by reducing the greenhouse gases by not using your car to go to work.

If you are self employed and are paying a high rent charges for your office, treatment room, or any other facility. Or you need to expand your existing space you can build one of our cabins for your work premises or an extra space. Therefore you could save time and money as there would not be rent payments or commuting cost and time.

If you are looking to extend your house and the budget is not achievable. Or the extending proves not cost effective then you can build one of our log cabins as an annex. This would gain you that long awaited extra space very quickly. There is no lenghty site works or annoyance to your neighbours. You can use it as a granny annex, teen children live out, parents living accommodation, arts studio, home office or just an extra space in your garden.

If you are a young family looking to get on a property ladder and the prospect is not looking promising because the high house prices. You can build one of our cabins as a self build project or buy one of our mobile lodges in a residential park and the your first home could be there sooner than you would have even dreamed of.

If you are a retired or planning to retire and downsize your living accommodation. Or move the area or country you could buy one of our park homes or lodges in some most beautiful settings with all the facilities on site. Our lodges are available for delivery anywhere in Europe.

If you run a sports club, whether its golf, cricket, football, and you have a sports pavilion, club house or a changing room. Or shower and toilet facility that has run down, has high maintenance costs or needs replacing you could build one of our log buildings as a pavilion toilet block, club house or other amenity building to replace the existing facility or just add to your existing buildings.You would benefit from low maintenance cost and almost indefinite life span of our log buildings. Also the facilities would look anaesthetically pleasing and would potentially gain you more business, more profit and less hassle.

If you are a young entrepreneur looking for a sustainable and profitable business you could set up as our agent or a reseller and make profit instantly.

If you are looking to move abroad and set up a business or income you can build one of our houses or lodges for your own accommodation or office and set up an as our agent in the area.

If you are in the building or leisure industry and own a website that is relevant to our business. Or if your customers can benefit from the information on our website you can link our website to yours and provide your customers adequate information about log buildings and timber houses. Please contact us for the instructions.

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