Why Log Home

Why Log Home?

Log homes have been built in Northern Europe and Scandinavia for more than a thousand years.

The tradition is carried through the centuries by passing the knowledge and skills from fathers to sons. The art of log building is not only a tradition or craftsmanship – it is a way of life.

Where the cold climate has made its impact to this special way of turning tree trunks into house walls. This method is proven and with all its varieties and different methods of joining timbers together providing an utmost structure withstanding any weather or climate.

These days the machinery has taking over a huge part of that ultimate engineering producing some 90% of the log structures we use for a living accommodation, leisure or commercially. The tradition is still very much alive and kicking.

Log buildings – whether handmade or machined are the choice for many people and the log lifestyle is still passed on the same way providing a solid shelter and durable structure.

Where it’s a way of making money for some it is still a way of life and tradition for others passing on the knowledge, passion and ultimate craftsmanship.

Whilst in UK the log home tradition does not go back quite so long time, yet a lot of people have realised the benefits log lifestyle offers and the traditions it carries within. Log home is the choice for many but the dream of many more…

Main features of log homes:

. Natural and renewable materials

. Timber’s natural way of reproducing oxygen molecules in the air

. Timber’s thermal resistance

. Unusual but very effective building methods

. Timber’s natural long life span

. Solid interlocking sturdy structure

. Tradition and lifestyle

Just a few of the benefits log homes offer:

. You helping to conserve energy and reducing your carbon footprint

. Log home provides a healthy living environment

. Your home is cool in the summer and warm in the winter

. You saving money by reduced energy bills

. Rapid build times reducing the build cost

. Indefinite life span

. Safe and strong house for any weather (your home is your castle..)

. Low maintenance costs

. Log lifestyle – a way of life

. An aesthetically pleasing home you can be proud of

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