Why Timber

Why Should I Choose Timber?

Timber is one of the oldest building materials our fathers used for building houses for thousands of years.

Timber is also the only renewable major building material. More than one third of the worlds land is covered with forests. These forests produce a sustainable source of material for many industries from houses to furniture. A variety of timber products for all aspects of life.

Timber does not need an extensive processing and can be recycled for a variety of products and industries or disposed safely by turning into most cost effective fuel. Using timber does not cause global warming – it offers a powerful alternative for most of the other materials used in today’s everyday life.

Our timber is sourced responsibly from carefully managed forests ensuring the reproduction, renewing the source and producing the oxygen.

There have been a huge number of studies and research done about sustainable materials. Also many environmental profiles have been created. All those studies and research are suggesting that timbers environmental merits exceed those of other building materials by far.

A few examples:

To produce a PVC-U window the energy requirement is 8 times higher in kilowatt hours compared to similar timber window.

To produce a steel component uses 4.000 times more energy than a timber equivalent.

Using concrete creates solid waste 5 times more than timber.

Thermal resistance of timber is 8 times better than concrete, 400 times better than steel and 2000 times better than aluminium.

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